Tool Redesign

Prompt: Redesign a product used to perform a specific task in order to understand how the human form affects design and how this in turn can impact the function of the product.

My fellow students and I were each given at random one of three common hand tools: a screwdriver, a hand rake, and a trowel. I was given the screwdriver, which incidentally is the tool I have had the most experience with. I immediately began thinking of common problems with screwdrivers, and what I could solve or improve in my redesign.


I began with the problem of safety. My target user was an everyday homeowner, or a student in a dorm, someone who wouldn’t use a screwdriver on a regular basis, but would need one for small repairs or installation. If someone like this were to have their screwdriver lying in a drawer or in a purse, it would be easy for them to hurt themselves trying to grab it, so I experimented with ways to include a cap.

I then focused on the grip. A few screwdrivers I used for research had a triangular grip, the reasoning being that having flat edges improves torsion and makes it easier to rotate the screwdriver.

The last problem I addressed is that of interchangeable screwdriver bits. Users complained of most screwdrivers with bits located in the handle


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