WWOOFing and the Hardships of Travel

Wow, what a dramatic title, am I right?

This trip definitely did not start out the way I expected, but when does travel ever really go as planned? The trip from the US went so wrong it was funny, but I think that so many “wrongs” in row mixed in with a lot of homesickness really did get to me. Let me explain. Read More

Unexpected Detours i.e. When Everything Goes Wrong


Imagine yourself, a new traveler, sitting on a delayed flight from Atlanta to San Francisco, calculating exactly how much time you’ll have to sprint through the SFO airport to catch your international flight to New Zealand. 30 minutes: that could be enough, right? The plane still hasn’t taken off yet, and the window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller, until you have barely ten minutes to carry ourselves and our carry-on bags half a mile through the airport. Read More

A few words on leaving your comfort zone

I’m going to be totally honest: I started this blog as part of an application for a scholarship (which I didn’t get), but writing that first post was a bit more fun than I had expected. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but haven’t done much recently for school or for pleasure, so I figured, what the heck. I plan on cataloging my study abroad through video, I might as well include some thoughts here as well and see where it takes me. Read More

An Introduction

Hi! Welcome to my head; it’s a confusing place, but exciting things are happening so I thought I’d translate my thoughts into this blog, so we can all be confused together.

So what’s so exciting? Well, I am leaving the US for the very first time to do a semester exchange in New Zealand.

A few things went through my mind in deciding to apply for this exchange, such as “HOLY CRAP” and “WHAT AM I THINKING.” I fortunately go to a school, the Georgia Institute of Technology, that puts a lot of importance in studying abroad, so I had a lot of choices when it came to where I wanted to study. Read More