A Good Day

Today, I had a good day. I’ve been having a lot of good days, but today has made me reflect on what really makes a day “good.”

Today I didn’t do anything amazing or special. But what makes today different, is that I didn’t rely on anyone else to help me decide on what to do, I just thought, “Hm, okay Dana, what would you like to do? What would make you happy?” Today was beautiful and sunny, albeit almost 45 degrees with some freezing wind. So I got up, got brunch and tea (my favorite things), and went to Te Papa, a free, interactive, national museum on the waterfront, and walked through a new exhibit about the war in Gallipoli. Then I went out onto the City to Sea bridge, a beautiful bridge near the waterfront filled with abstract wooden sculptures and benches. The day was so beautiful, so I took some time lapse video for my photography class.

giphy (3).gif

Weird right? Now just imagine me walking in slow motion while everyone stares at me awkwardly….. lol

Afterwards I went to the Wellington Library and did some of my homework. I usually always do my work in my room, so this felt nice because I was more inclined to get it all done without taking any breaks. Plus I got more tea, and tea is everything.

Again, this may just seem like a boring old day, but it was important to me.


Like I said, I’ve had some amazing, incredible, perfect, awesome days here, a lot of them in the past two months. I’ve hiked 12 miles in one day with a group of people I barely knew.


I hiked a glacier that will be gone in 50 years, jumped off a ledge, and swung on the biggest swing in the world.

P1110746.JPGAJH-LB-20170423-003-001-0004-Camera 4.jpgAJH-NS-20170423-076-001-0002-SCAM01.jpg

I celebrated my 21st birthday with bagels, wine, Cards Against Humanity, and Magic Mike.


My boyfriend came to visit and we spent two weekends traveling the North Island of New Zealand.


And that’s not even all of it. I’ve had countless adventures, some different than I expected, some that exceeded my expectations. But today I took a little adventure all on my own.

I spoke to a friend recently and she told me about her two week trip, alone, to Fiji. While it scared her and it was her first time really traveling alone, she said she loved it. She met so many others who were also traveling alone, and got to operate on her own schedule. I have just over a month left on this trip, and I want to have some adventures on my own. I rely a lot on others, but this time I should rely on myself.

Also, don’t worry, I’ll be updating you on all my adventures soon. 🙂


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