An Introduction

Hi! Welcome to my head; it’s a confusing place, but exciting things are happening so I thought I’d translate my thoughts into this blog, so we can all be confused together.

So what’s so exciting? Well, I am leaving the US for the very first time to do a semester exchange in New Zealand.

A few things went through my mind in deciding to apply for this exchange, such as “HOLY CRAP” and “WHAT AM I THINKING.” I fortunately go to a school, the Georgia Institute of Technology, that puts a lot of importance in studying abroad, so I had a lot of choices when it came to where I wanted to study.


The Georgia Institute of Technology

Along with a friend, we came to the conclusion that a study abroad during the year where we would be able to take classes in our major would keep us on track in our studies. Searching through these options, New Zealand immediately caught my eye. A friend of mine studied there a few years ago and came back raving about how amazing the entire experience was, from the people to the landscape to the weather, and from then on my interest in New Zealand was sparked.

I’ve known about the gorgeous landscape since the LOTR trilogy, so I’d always dreamed of visiting. But it wasn’t until I found this semester exchange and did some more research that the spark grew. New Zealand is amazing. Well, from what I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing, so when I get there I’ll let you know my personal perspective, but I can tell you with some confidence that it’s amazing. The people are friendly, the landscape is vast and ranges from caverns to volcanoes to rain forests, and the cities are full of culture.

Along with the natural wonders of New Zealand I will have the opportunity to study Industrial Design at Victoria University of Wellington, which is located in the heart of the arts district in Wellington. Studying design has been such an eye-opening experience, and I am overjoyed to be able to learn from professors with different perspectives and backgrounds in design, as well as learn alongside other design students. VUW is a leading-edge university and has an extensive design program that I am excited to explore.

I cannot express my excitement for this opportunity, and for everything that I expect to learn in my time abroad. Not only will I be learning design, which is what I want to spend my life doing, but I will also be learning about myself. I have never been too far from my family and friends, so being able to explore on my own and make new friends on the other side of the world will change my perspective on life and how I live it.


I plan to capture this experience through this blog and my camera to look back on and to share, so I hope you enjoy experiencing New Zealand with me.


P.S. Here’s a video I made also introducing myself and my goals, but my dog is in it 🙂


One comment

  1. Susan · February 1

    This, no doubt, will prove to be an awesome opportunity for you! Congrats on creating the experience…making it happen! Safe travels, and perhaps we’ll see you again someday on St. George Island!


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